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Artist | Student | Digital Art
I'm 19, and I like to draw and ride motorcycles! my cbr600rr, to be exact.

Favourite genre of music: Alternative/Grunge/Progressive rock
Favourite style of art: cartoon/anime
Operating System: Win 7 ultimate
Favourite cartoon characters: TK/Crona/Yurippe/Rico/Prof. Stein/Triela
Personal Quote: "Hey, Jake, someone broke your... entire living room." ~Donny


Carried Away - Ch.1 Pg.3 by the0ne1
Carried Away - Ch.1 Pg.3
Carried Away is a fan comic that takes place in the Gunslinger Girl universe (© Yu Aida)

Next: Soon to come

1. What does your Deviantart name mean and why?
"the0ne1" was just a test account to see how I liked the site, I never planned on using it full time. Its just a play on words/numbers.

2. What fandom were you obsessed with when you joined and what are you into now?
When I joined I was obsessed with Adventure Time, now I'm all about that Gunslinger Girl.

3. How many watchers do you have now? 
88, most of which are friends.

4. Name 3 of your favorite artists on DA, as well as your favored OC of theirs
:iconwraith11: , and his OCs Jethro & Monty
:iconyuumei: , Don't know her OCs
:icon47ness: ,and his Sally Sprocket and Piston Pete

5. Or lack thereof, move along…

6. Do you participate in clubs' contests here on dA?

7. What is your most popular submission?
Observe, Crona by the0ne1 with 184 faves.
8. What are your favorite non-anime TV shows?
I don't watch much tv, but I sometimes catch an episode of Swamp People with my old man.

9. What are the things you wish you could draw better? 
Human anatomy, poses and cars.

10. Summer or winter? 

11. Rain or Sun?
sun (my only vehicle is a motorcycle)

12. What's your favorite type of music? 
Prog rock, alternative.

13. PC or Mac

14. Anime or Manga?
It's all good.

15. Coke or Pepsi?
That's like asking: "Death or death?".......pepsi.

16. Read or TV? 
I'm a lazy person.

17. How many hours a day do you spend on dA? 
half an hour, sometimes more usually less.

18. Name a talent.
Heel-toe downshifting (in a car, or course)

19. Flash or traditional cartoons?
20. What is your favorite fast food restaurant?
Taco Bell

21. What are your top 3 favorite books (no mangas)?
The Hobbit, A Series of Unfortunate Events and Pippy Longstocking!

22. Wii or PlayStation? 

23. Name 3 of your favorite bands/singers.
The Jezabels, The Delgados and Nirvana

24. Name or list your most popular art
Redundant, attention whoring question.

25. Do you like Denny's?
Two words; Grand Slamwhich.

26. What is your favorite smiley(SSSSSSSS)?

27. What is your favorite type of pie?

28. Have you ever stayed up for 24 hours?
Maybe once

29. Do you go on dA a lot?

30. Are you a member on any other sites besides DA?
yep, a few.

31. Do you cosplay? 
Does H'ween count?

32. Fruits or sweets?

33. Buttered, plain, or salted popcorn?
All three

34. Have you skipped school?
There are people who haven't?

35. Have you been on a plane?

36. Have you swam in an ocean?

37. Have you been ice skating?
Growing up in Canada I skated a lot.

38. Favorite sport?
Ice Hockey

39. Ever been on TV?

40. Favorite salad and dressing?
I like Cesar and Italian dressing on my leaves.

41. What do you do to relax?
Draw or ride my motorcycle

42. What is the last film you saw in the theater?
that new 300 movie, well it was new half a year ago...

43. Favorite Sandwich?

44. If you could go anywhere in the world…

45. Favorite time of the day?
Late afternoon

46. What did you want to be when you were little?
an airline pilot

47. What do you want to be now?
graphic designer/web developer or concept artist (the last one is kinda silly, but a man's gotta dream.)

48. If you could eat with one person, who would it be?
Jeremy Clarkson

49. What character would you hate to be stuck in a room with?

50. When is your birthday? 
Sept 10, 1995.

51. Favorite type of ice cream?

52. Last book you read?
Daily Insights with Zig Ziglar

53. Which store would you max out a credit card at?
My local Honda motorsport dealership

54. Do you buy / sell / both on eBay?
I use craigslist
55. What is the most annoying thing people ask you?
Being a Canadian in Florida, "Do you say 'eh'?"

56. Favorite all time movie?
Nacho Libre

 57. What was your favorite show when you were a kid? 
Scooby Doo

58. What are you listening to right now?
Nothing, but for the sake of seeming interesting, I'll lie and say "Panama" by Van Halen.

59. What is the last thing you ate?
Taco Bell

60. If you were a crayon what color would you be?
OD Green. What kind of question is this anyway?

61. What is the first thing you notice about another person?
Weather or not they're clean. If you don't shower every day, It tends to be really noticeable.

62. Favorite sport to play? 

63. Favorite Day of the Year?
September 10, because I get crudely drawn birthday cards, and 50 facebook notifications.

64. Hugs or Kisses? 

65. Vanilla or Chocolate?

66. Favorite Board Game?
Cards against Humanity. Its more of a card game.

67. Favorite smells?
New tires

68. What inspires you?
My successful, handsome and generous friends. 

69. Do you have any piercings?

70. How many siblings do you have?
one older sister

71. Bacon Bits or Croutons?
Gimme those bits, boy.

72. Favorite Day of the Week?
Sunday. Beach volleyball, group rides, ice cream and good company.

73. Favorite phrase?
Sometimes less is more. (In reference to design, but can apply to any aspect of life.)

74. Favorite Restaurant?
the bell

75. Favorite animal?
I like kitties.

76. Favorite thing to do outside?
Ride the whip

77. Favorite thing to do when it's raining?
Make tea or coffee, and draw. Listen to music. All of the above.

78. Favorite Disney character? 
uuugh, if I had to pick, it would be the Genie from Aladdin. RIP Robin Williams.

79. Do you like coffee? If so, what is your favorite brand?
Love it. I like this one local brewer. Quality and selection.

80. Tag people
I guess I'll tag :iconwraith11: , but if you don't have time to do it, no worries. I'm just curious.
Higher Thoughts - MS Paint + SAI by the0ne1
Higher Thoughts - MS Paint + SAI
This was made %80 in Microsoft paint, and the rest in Sai (Blending the colours behind the stars).

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KieVinay Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
fellow artist and RIDER! XD... haha.. didnt think anyone on here were riders. Gd to know there are others on here :]
the0ne1 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
we seem to be a rare breed. ride on bro!
Omega-Killer Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  Student Writer
Yo, whenever you got free time; I was wondering if you could do a request? :D
the0ne1 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I can't guarantee that I will get free time. I'm starting college soon, and I have this Carried away thing going on. I also have a commission for a local concert postcard... I'm swamped. 

I like your spunk though, so when things quiet down and I settle back into my routine I'll draw you a request. I wish I could draw full-time, but rent doesn't pay itself sadly.
Omega-Killer Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  Student Writer
That's understandable, whenever you're free I'll ask again :D
the0ne1 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  Student Digital Artist
yeah, I appreciate your comments on my stuff. the more input the better. I want to help you when I have the time.
(1 Reply)
wraith11 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014
Hey mate, cheers for the fav, and the watch. Glad to see you're still doing the GsG stuff as well, always good to see the fandom still kicking...

...and I believe this is about the point I plug Cyborg Central ---> Just in case you've not found it yet.
the0ne1 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014  Student Digital Artist
i actually havent found that yet, thanks. i admire your work like you wouldnt believe, i just forgot to watch you till now. your monty comics have inspired me to make something similar; a sort of graphic novel meant to improve my drawing skills.

i dont think ill ever stop drawing gsg, something about children with guns is fascinating haha
wraith11 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
Heh, as good practice, and if you have the time, I can highly recommend doing a comic of some description. It can get repetitive, but that's kind of what helps, as it pushes your output up. Though, as a mate told me before I started: if you're going to draw something over and over again, make sure it's something you like. :D

As an aside: if you do join the forum, make sure to make up an introduction thread in the "Come Say Hello" board. It serves two purposes: a) it lets everyone know you've arrived and who you are, and b) prevents the board from automatically booting you after a week should you have shown no activity. I think that latter is a holdover from when the group was scanlating GsG, but no-one has gotten around to removing it yet. ^^;
the0ne1 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Student Digital Artist
yeah when i said graphic novel i think i meant to say comic. i dont know if theyre the same thing, but i know im making a comic. i have the rough draft for the first 5 pages, and i already see improvements in the last page over the first page. ill post them within the week hopefully. i just moved out on my own, so im not sure how much time ill have.

and i joined cyborg central, and ill make sure to keep active. so far im liking it. im amazed there are other living breathing fans! i was beginning to think i was the only one.
(1 Reply)
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